In addition to the day-to-day activities for participants of the seminar, Dancs-Piran offers a number of other different activities, too.

While adult participants can choose from a number of additional activities on their own, minor participants are offered various activities under the constant organizers’ supervision:


Visiting beach and swimming

Minor participants of Dancs-Piran will be able to visit one of the Piran beaches during daytime, when the sun is not too strong, and they will be able to swim in the sea. Activity will be not organised in case of bad weather. The minor participants will be led to the beach under the supervision of a responsible person who will look after them all the time. After completing the activity, minor participants will be brought back to the Dancs Center safely.


Watching ballet movies

In the lobby of the Dancs Center, near the reception, a television will be installed, where recordings of various ballet films, ballet performances and ballet documentary films will be broadcasted during non-seminar activities. Participants will thus be able to spend their free time by viewing various educational ballet contents.


Organized visit of ballet performances of the Piran Summer Festival

The Piran Summer festival is taking place during the entire duration of the Dancs-Piran seminar. There will be featured many Ballet shows and Ballet concerts, as well as other cultural events as concerts of serious music. Minor participants will, under day – care, be able to visit all ballet events. The responsible person will gather participants at the reception of the Dancs Center, from where she/ he will accompany them to the Tartini Square, and after the performance bring them back to the Dancs Center safely.



In case the minor participants would need anything from the store, the responsible person will accompany them from the Dancs Center to the store and back safely. Purchases will be possible only when no seminar activities will take place.


Games on a secured school playground

Minor participants of Dancs-Piran will occasionally, during their free time and when the sun is not too strong, under the organized supervision of a responsible person be able to visit a school yard. The playground offers many possibilities for different games to shorten participants’ free time.


Permits to leave the Dancs Center

For each of the minor participant of Dancs-Piran, the organiser has to be submitted filled form by a participants’ parents or guardian. The form is due to be submitted prior the beginning of the seminar. In the form, the parents can give permissions to their children to exit during their stay Piran. In this way, parents decide whether their child should be under the supervision of responsible people all the time or only at certain activities. The form needs to be sent to the organizer by e-mail prior to participants arrival to the seminar.

Adult participants may choose activities they want to take by themselves, unless the parents or legal guardians do not request differently from the organizer.

Participants must, due to the Dancs rules, return to the Dancs Center every day until the set time, except in cases where adults announce a later return to the Dancs Center in advance.