Anton Bogov will replace the announced pedagogue Renato Zanella at Dancs-Piran

Anton Bogov, star of the Slovenian Ballet and Principal of Ballet of the Slovenian National Theater Maribor, will replace pedagogue Renato Zanella at the International Summer Ballet Camp Dancs-Piran 2021 .

Renato Zanella, the artistic director of the Slovenian national theatre Opera and Ballet, Ljubljanahad to cancel his participation at Dancs-Piran 2021 due to the Ballet company tour to Spain in early August. According to Zanella, the agreement for the tour came only after he already confirmed his participation at Dancs-Piran 2021, and the tour is a great opportunity for the Ljubljana Ballet.

The organizer of Dancs-Piran has found a prestigious replacement for Zanella, an exceptional dancer and pedagogue of international fame, the Principal of Ballet of the Slovenian national theatre Maribor, Anton Bogov. Anton Bogov will teach together with Leo Mujić in the Advance & Professional Workshop of Classical Ballet, and he will be happy to take over some ballet training in the Basic Advanced Course of Classical Ballet too. From Anton Bogov, who is not only known as an exceptional ballet artist but also a great connoisseur of classical ballet technique and pas de deux, the participants of this year’s Dancs-Piran can certainly expect a lot.


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