Ana Pandur instead of Gregor Luštek

Ana Pandur, Slovenian dancer, choreographer and pedagogue of contemporary dance, will replace announced pedagogue for workshops of contemporary dance techniques Gregor Luštek, at this year Dancs-Piran.

Gregor Luštek informed the organizer of Dancs-Piran 2021 that in the beginning of August he is expecting an big family event, due to which he will not be able to participate in this year’s Dancs-Piran. At the same time He had already confirmed his participation for the next year. 

Gregor Luštek will be replaced by Ana Pandur, dancer, choreographer and pedagogue of contemporary dance and flamenco. Mrs. Pandur will teach contemporary dance in  Advanced course of Classical Ballet and in the Advance & Professional Workshop of Classical Ballet. She envisioned the course of the workshops as follows:

Growing / Grooving into

The Growing / Grooving into class explores the connection between motivation for movement – what moves me – and the form that brings that motivation outwards, into and through the body. The body itself creates rhythm and constant movement through breathing, heartbeat, through action itself. We take the rhythm of the body as a starting point for entering the dance, place and time.

Awareness of the body and its movement, precise coordination and upgrading of existing knowledge and expression are key factors in dance creation. The dancer turns his technical knowledge into tools that uses to direct the body and its movement into the expression he wants to achieve. At the same time, dance is a primary human activity, the original expression of freedom, which we articulate (also) through technical knowledge.

Through elements of improvisation, flamenco, contemporary dance and ballet, participants will learn dance miniatures, which we will then connect into a whole.